I Need To See You In My Office…We Need To Talk


As I pulled up to my parents house the other day I saw something really weird. An office-like set-up on top of their roof.


I stopped in the middle of the road and just stared at the two random chairs. Look close. They are there.

I immediately sought out my brother Dan (he’s always my first culprit). When I asked him about the chairs he smiled and responded non-chalantly, “Oh that’s where Matt and I hold our conferences.”

Conferences? About what?

If you do not know Dan and Matt, here’s a brief description of the individuals who were Teen Wolf and Wolf Buddy respectively at the Intense Individual Party.


is my 17 year-old brother and lover of the year 1994.

Dan is 19 years old and constantly beats me in tennis. He also thinks about mangos when he gets his picture taken.
(btw: this picture will be the other way around in a few months. I am close to beating him.)

Of course I asked Dan what their conferences were all about but I was told that they were “confidential.”

They are so suspect.

But what he “could” tell me was that they eat sunflower seeds and drink coca-cola up there.

OK. Thanks that helps.

Dan then went on to tell me that the chairs had been there for about 9 months.


I am sure my parents have been wondering where their office chairs went.

I can’t imagine what the neighbors talk about. “Oh yeah those Comries, they live in that house with the office on top of the roof.”