My name is Lisa Comrie Gibson, I’m a mom, wife, producer/writer/director, hater of sesame seeds, who loves people and finding intensity everywhere. I started Intense Individuals to celebrate what makes all of us unique. profileI love finding the story in a person. What drives people to be who they are or their secret or not so secret obsession. For example what makes a person wear all green every day? Or why someone would decide to pursue a career in being Santa!?!

To celebrate the intensity, individuality, and creativity we host a charity event called The Intense Individual Party. The costumes and dedication to each character is so incredible, I’m always blown away with everyone’s creativity. I truly give the credit to each person who has been a part of The Intense Individual Party throughout the years and thank everyone for their pure Intensity! 

And here is a true ii Legend….Tony Little.

tony little!