A Reason To Survive (ARTS)

As The Intense Individual Party #5 approaches a few questions have started to come up…1) What is an Intense Individual? 2) What is the charity the proceeds are going to? 3) How can I donate even if I can’t make the party?

Here are the answers:

1) Intense Individuals win 8 Gold Medals in one summer, they live on the


(Phillippe Petit – Google him), and oh yeah…sell Gazelles

(Tony Little).

2) This year the proceeds from Intense Individuals will be benefiting A Reason To Survive

. What this non-profit organization does for children is incredible….they are “dedicated to healing, inspiring and empowering children facing life challenges by providing innovative arts-based programs, education and opportunities.”

3) For those you want to contribute to the charity I have set up a non-profit paypal account. You don’t need to sign up for paypal…it’s really simple…just follow the steps. Every little bit helps! To donate Click Here!


Also, your donations are tax deductable: Tax ID # is 33-096-3135.

So get creative and think of an Intense Individual and come dressed up like them! The night will be full of lots of surprises since it’s not everyday you have Oompa Loompas, Martha Stewart, KISS, George Washington, Hulk Hogan, and Richard Simmons in one room dancing the night away!

I will leave you with some Intense Individuals…

And a couple “Big Wigs” with Marriott who have…plans.