I See This Guy Everywhere

It started about a year ago…and I don’t know why. I seriously see this dude everywhere. Or at least people that look EXACTLY like him. He’s Richard Attenborough aka: John Hammond, the owner of Jurassic Park.

jurassic park

The doppelgängers I see wear the same hat as Richard did in the movie and also white button downs. I saw another one tonight at the grocery store.

I am trying to get to the bottom of it and unless I am losing it and seeing things, the only possibility is that he made a huge fashion splash in 1993 and men with white hair really embraced the look I call, “I-gots-me-some-velociraptors-in-my-coat-closet-and-this-hat-makes-me-look-friendly.”

If you too see this look a lot please let me know.

And on the velociraptors note…here’s a little WHERE ARE THEY NOW for you.
joseph mazello