Mallows, Receipts, and Confusing Things I Will Never Understand


So Deirdre went to CVS the other day. Bought TWO things. TWO THINGS! Toilet Paper and chapstick or something and…her receipt was almost as long as her arm!


Is it necessary? Seriously, I don’t care about the coupons attached for 25 cents off a Jolly Rancher pack or a buy one Bounty Quilted Quicker Picker Upper get the second one free. And I don’t need to be told that they appreciate my business and that they hope I come back. I KNOW they want my business! They are a STORE!

And speaking of absurd things…is THIS necessary?

I mean it wouldn’t even fit into a mug for hot cocoa! (btw: do people even do that anymore or am I still living in 1994? Has it moved to whipped cream only for a Hot Cocoa topping?)

Anyway, I am not trying to go all Morgan Spurlock on you but….WHY MUST EVERYTHING BE SUPER-SIZED? A small receipt is fine (no receipt is even better), one normal mallow is fine…. a Gulp will be more than I can take…

It’s gotten out of control!

It’s probably all his fault.