My Landlord John eats Jalapeno Poppers frozen. He takes a bag of them to the movies and slowly nibbles on them throughout the show. By the time the end credits roll, some are even ready to eat like a normal popper. Intense.

Here is a video I made of my experience driving in the car with him.

The man’s intense.

Four costume changes at the Ugly Christmas Sweater party:





Recently, we took him out for his birthday. Before we left we asked how old he was turning and he responded, “I think 63, but I think I have been celebrating my 63rd birthday for 3 years.” Puzzled I simply asked, “Well, let me see your driver’s license.” He pulled it out and handed it to me as if it was the first time it had ever been taken out of his wallet or he had looked at it for that matter. “You are 63 this year, John!” I exclaimed. He just shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Oh, shit. Well, OK!” And just like him, his birthday was Intense.

Making verbal notes into his dictophone.

He is the most Intense Individual in my books.

I now leave you with the happiest picture ever. If you have a HPE and would like to contribute to the HPE photo documentation please send my way via the world wide web. Each month I will post another happiest photo ever. If you don’t own one…please take one and send it my way as well.

This one is a close second. Also taken at the ugly sweater party:

Good evening from up in the sky. The view is great from here.