Like a Good Neighbor…

state farm

I am not sure if you are aware of this but Barry Manilow was the brains behind the State Farm jingle: “LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR STATE FARM IS THERE.” I know you’re speechless and you’re shaking your head, thinking to yourself, “That Mr. Manilow is a pure lyrical genius.” The same guy behind the smash hits “Mandy” and “Copacabana??!?!?!” Unbelievable.

Just look at him. Wow. What a guy.

Although I personally have AAA insurance, I have to admit, it is a catchy jingle that does get stuck in my head from time to time. But lately, I have secretly been thinking about switching to Geico. (I think Tony Little did me in.)



In regards to a past post I wrote about loving your life, I have to say this CD cover of Barry’s is maybe one of the most ultimate “I love my life moments” I have ever seen.


What a pose.

But of all the BM pictures floating around out there, this one just sums it up for me.
Here is one of his biggest fans, a middle aged woman, whom he pulled up on stage at a concert back in ’92. Although she looks petrified, it’s definitely a moment for her. A BIG moment. Something I bet she is still talking about as I write this.

Who is this woman? I haven’t got a clue. But I’ll bet a few Pop Tarts that she is from some place like Tippencanoe, Indiana and listens to “Mandy” on repeat, especially on Tuesdays. What is even more frightening about this picture is Barry’s grip on this poor woman.


Look at his veins!! Barry needs to lighten up on his grip! He needs to know that this is no staged Courtney Cox Arquette/Bruce Springsteen “Dancing in the Dark” moment, this is the real thing and the poor woman’s heart is probably in her throat.

It is very obvious this woman had no clue she would be the one among the 50,000 plus arena to be in the arms of Barry that night. A few hours before, her night was probably as normal as could be as she chatted with her lady friends over a potluck at her house prior to the concert. As they twirled the Lazy Susan around they chatted about their favorite Barry song, his lovely eyes, and how excited they were for the BIG SHOW! Nobody would have ever imagined in a million years one of them would be the one to steal the show that night. By the look of the picture you can really tell Barry’s got a hold on her, physically and emotionally.

By the way…who the hell was Susan and why was she so lazy?

Good night and just remember that like a good neighbor state farm is there. (And by a “good neighbor” I am not talking about my neighbor Lyle who sent pit bulls after me when I was five years old riding my bike in the cul-de-sac.)