Breaking Bad Season Party Ideas

marie _purple_breaking bad premiere party

Ding ding ding…All Hail the King.

SO PUMPED…Breaking Bad debuts tonight! Here are some food and drink ideas that should get you in the mood.

To get the party started you’ll need to make a SKYYler inspired cocktail.

Skyyler Vodka Cocktail Breaking Bad Premiere Party

We plan on cutting up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust off for a little appetizer. Walter’s fave bachelor meal.

pb&j breaking bad premiere party food walter white

For our main course our friends are bringing over their famous fried chicken that Gus would be jealous of and we’re also COOKing up some Heisenburgers on the grill.

heisenburgers breaking bad premiere party food

We will also have a breakfast component because it’s what Walter Jr would want.

capncook_breaking bad premiere party

For dessert…it will be inspired by something purple as Marie would have it no other way.

marie _purple_breaking bad premiere party

The countdown is on!!