The Culprit confessed last night via text message at 11:13pm.

I can now rest peacefully.

Here is a picture of her I took in March of 2005.


Here are some things about her if you’re bad at puzzles* and can’t piece together the photo.
– She was a former bus driver but has a tough time actually “getting on the bus.”
– She’s a Chevy Chase native.
– She does not know what the lead singer of Journey looks like.
– She can fix anyone’s bike.


A bag of peanuts will be sent priority mail to the person who figures it out first. For all your Northwestern (ph)riends out there….if you don’t get this you can just GFY.

* I will never understand why there are individuals out there who frame their puzzles. I get nervous when I see adults jigsaw puzzling it up. I don’t know why. I just do. I know it’s probably a fantastic way to keep the blood pressure down but I have just never been keen on the idea of sitting there piecing together a mugshot of a kitten.

On another note have you heard about the club in Iowa City called the Benevolent and Loyal Order of Pessimists? Every year on April 14 all the pessimist clubs get together in Iowa City for the annual convention. Why April 14? Oh cause that’s the day the Titanic sunk. Jack Duvall, the head of the organization and biggest crapehanger of all, has been quoted as saying that “the Titanic is the perfect example why people should not be optimistic.” Alright. Thanks, Jack.

Today the weather in Iowa City is 88 degrees (but feels like 91).

Seriously, the whole “feels like 91” thing kills me. I mean if it’s 88 it probably feels like 88. Why make it more complicated?

Puzzles and meteorology. Tough on me.