My brother Brian made a funny short about Quintuplets that are reunited after 25 years. Very Intense. šŸ™‚ My friend Deirdre Wall plays the newscaster. Check it out!

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Also, speaking of quintuplets here is a picture of the most famous Quintuplets of all time. The Dionne Quintuplets of Canada born in 1934.


They were the first quintuplets to have survived infancy. NOTE: The next sentence is disturbing! After they were born the government took them from their parents and
placed them in a virtual theme park called Quintland where over 6,000 people a day would come and look at them play behind a one way screen. TERRIBLE. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.

It took their father 9 years to regain custody.
The girls wrote a book. I’m gonna Amazon it ASAP.

Picture 4

High Five to you!