Donating Blood!!

Is it wrong that I secretly like to give blood because they offer you donuts and make you feel like “you have to eat them” to bring your blood sugar up? I mean, you could opt for the Fig Newton bar and apple juice that is on the table next to the donuts but it’s not what they really recommend, right? As you meander to the waiting room with your blue bandage around your arm, the sweet old lady who volunteers Monday through Thursday from 2:30 to 5:30 smiles at you ever so sweetly behind the counter and says, “Here honey, have a donut.” How can you say no!?! She smiles a grin full of dentures as she watches you take that glazed donut dripping with melted sugar out the box and a glass of cold milk to wash it down. The proud look on her face says “it’s ok that you are about to go stuff your face with grease and sugar because you may have just saved a life!”

When you give blood you also give calories right? Like once that needle is pricked into your vein all the calories consumed for the day ARE GONE so you have to replenish your body with fried dough! Oh, another thing is that the blood bank people are really serious about you not working out the day you give blood so the guilt of not going to the gym that day also cancels out!