Last Day of Ocean Week – Fit for a King

The King of Herrings (the oarfish) is truly unbelievable. It is amazingly beautiful and also the most photogenic creature I came across this week.

Here he is in an Ariel-inspired “part of that world” moment. He’s working on his thing-a-ma-bob collection.

But she’s still got more….

Unfortunately, the King of Herrings most often comes to the surface when it’s already dead or dying in shallow waters. They have been known to get up to 661 lbs! What is also surprising is that this fish is not actually a true herring. It gets it’s name because it’s been spotted guiding groups of herring…like only a King would be capable of doing. When I was looking up the K.O.H I could not believe how many group photos this fish gets into. Here are some of my favorites….

What I found interesting about these group shots was that were were no pictures of the K.O.H with women, there were a lot of hard hats and lots of random kids in the shots. PERPLEXING!

I will leave you to ponder the women/hard hat/random kid mystery and say farewell.  I hope you have enjoyed Ocean Week and the Intensity under the sea. A big thanks to the awesome guest bloggers Saskia van Gendt and Conor Lastowka and all of you for reading. Long live the King!