The Intense Individual Party #7 – The Recap!

golden voice, happy happy man, judice snl

Count Von Count counted all the votes….

count von count, happy happy man, judice snl, golden voice

Each of the winners blew us away with their Intensity. Judice from SNL ate pizza with her tiny hands, partied on stage with Zohan as he blew bubbles on her, and was the overall crowd favorite!

judice snl

Golden Voice showed off his golden voice. Even Freddie Mercury from Queen was impressed with his pipes.

golden voice, queen

Happy Happy Man arrived 30 minutes before the party began and set up shop outside. One of my favorite moments of the night was when I walked out to get something from my car around 7:30 when the bands were sound checking and I saw my friend Dug standing on a bucket as Happy Happy Man. Totally in character.

happy happy man

Every costume was so unreal this year. People really went there.

tom cruise

Yup! Even Tom Cruise was there. He co-hosted the party with Steve Martin.

tom cruise, steve martin

When Steve introduced Tom on stage, Tom just lost it…jumping on the yellow couch and screaming “I’m in love.” As Steve tried to get Tom to do his famous “Wild and Crazy Guys” line with him Tom just stopped and said, “Steve you’re being glib…you don’t know the first thing about being wild and crazy…I do. I STUDIED IT.” This outburst caused Steve to blurt out “EXCUUUUUUSE ME” and storm off stage, leaving Tom front and center to continue the Intensity by introducing The Beastie Boys.

beastie boys

Followed by the Rolling Stones….

rolling stones

And then Freddie Mercury.

freddie mercury, queen

Despite Tom calling Steve glib…they eventually made up after Steve gave Tom a balloon hat and Tom gave Steve some Ray-Bans.

Intensity ensued…I mean Patrick Swayze and Demi, Jaden and Willow Smith, and Frida! WHAT?

patrick swayze, demi moore, frida, jaden smith, willow smith

It was the year of game shows and black swans….

ken jennings, vanna, black swans

This was one of the most hilarious moments from the party. A black swan devouring the hot and ready pizza.

black swan

Food was also a HOT topic. Guy Fieri, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, and Benihana!

guy fieri, tom selleck cheeseburger, benihana

You may think that Benihana whipped these intensely delicious cupcakes up…but he did not. When it comes to baking he can crack an egg on a spatula but that’s about it. San Diego’s The Cupcake Gal provided these sweet treats.

Here’s Braveheart, Siegfried and Roy, and Madonna. I doubt they’ve been in the same room before.

braveheart, siegfried roy, madonna

At one point Braveheart snapped on Anne Geddes. Apparently he is not a big fan of photographers putting babies in flower pots.

anne geddes, braveheart

Although Braveheart’s intense hatred toward Anne Gedde’s was shocking, the most shocking moment of the night was when the entire deck of cards showed up. YES, the ENTIRE deck of cards…complete with jokers and even dealers. They arrived all in order and in suit. Seeing them all file in is something I will never forget. I just wish I was driving down Morena Blvd when they were walking towards the bar. I love knowing that somewhere out there someone is still thinking about how they drove by a deck of cards one random Saturday night. Ironically there was another version of the Queen of Hearts at the party…pictured here with Steven Martin.

deck of cards, steve martin, queen of hearts

Hollywood represented…Don and Betty Draper from Mad Men, Spielberg getting the perfect shot of his Indiana Jones leads, and Cameron and Mitchell from Modern Family.

mad men, spielberg, modern family

In the picture below, we have RC Kouba and Count Von Count on the left. In the middle we have Pee Wee Herman losing control and to the right we have Freddie Mercury and Elizabeth Taylor blinged out in white diamonds. All recognizable, famous names. Oh wait what? You don’t know who RC KOUBA is? That’s because he is an undiscovered musical talent hailing from Wisconsin. Check out the video of him singing Lady Liberty  here and then check out Conor’s recreation of video here. The fact that Conor made this video the day of II to release it right before he left to come to the party just puts his intensity over the edge.

rc kouba, count von count, pee wee herman, freddie mercury, elizabeth taylor

Speaking of Lady Liberty… the Intensity that Conor’s mom put into her costume, Lady Liberty, is so impressive. You see, she is not just Lady Liberty. She is her grandma dressed up as Lady Liberty. This costume was based off of a picture of her grandma from 1919. Sandy sewed her costume and then handed out pins of her grandmother’s picture of her in the same outfit. INTENSE! Oh and she also flew from Virginia with Conor’s dad, Jim — that’s Jim Boeheim for all you non-Syracuse basketball fans out there.

lady liberty, jim boeheim

While Lady Liberty’s sewing would put Betsy Ross to shame, another group that got sew intense was the Angry Birds. They sewed each of their costumes. I am still not quite sure how arm flapping side of the road advertisement guy made his costume but it sure is legit. Also pictured is Golden Voice, Kim Kardashian, Kesha, and Brian Wilson. What a double date that is.

angry birds, brian wilson, kesha, golden voice, kim kardashian

The Sham-Wows wowed the shams, Mork and Mindy spoke in tongues, two Burning Man bound girls arrived in a cardboard van (they actually drove from Colorado to the party – ok in a real van but they still drove), and Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, and Nicki Minaj showed Emily Dickenson how to party.

mork and mindy, sham wow

Chilean Miners represented very well…especially when paired with the “Intense List” that was found in San Diego…I have to say Trev, you pulled off being a “list” very well.  The Spice Girls spiced up the night and Bono hung with Guy Fieri and some other ii’s whom I cannot recognize but are probably Guy’s entourage. Who are you with? Oh…I’m with that Guy!

chilean miners, spice girls

Some movie character intensity…Kick Ass, Zohan, and Tron.

kick ass, zohan, tron

The Madhatter, Raggedy Andy, and Shake Weight Girl. Raggedy Andy (aka: Tommy Brockert) was the guy behind these awesome photos. See more of his work at Outside The Booth.

madhatter, andy, and shake weight

Russel Brand and Katy Perry, The Harlem Globetrotters, Joel Madden and Franck Eggelhoffer from Father of the Bride. “That’s a Blue TUX-A-DOE!”

russell brand, harlem globetrotters, franck eggelhoffer and joel madden

The Mimes, Intense rugby, and Flo and Bill Gates. I wonder if Bill’s got good insurance?!?!

mimes, soccer, flo, bill

Here’s a list of people I never thought I’d write in the same sentence…KISS, Strawberry Shortcake, Fight Club, Ace Ventura, Cher, the Star Wars lip lock, Bikini Girl, Nacho Libre, Roger Berman, Rachel Zoe, and Karl Lagerfield. For the making of Karl Lagerfield’s costume check out my friend Erin’s site.

star wars, cher, kiss, strawberry shortcake, bikini girl, ace ventura, roachel zoe, roger berman, and karl hagerfield

Here’s my family on the left. My dad glowing as George Hamilton in the back, The Beastie Boys striking a pose, and another Black Swan with Antoine Dodson…because they had to meet at some point.

comries, beastie boys, black swan and bed intruder

It was one intense night…just a typical night in the life of Tom Cruise.

tom cruise

So many hilarious and intense moments….

Thank you to everyone who helped put this on…and to our sponsors who helped us make this happen! Brick By Brick , Outside The Booth, Injoy Entertainment,  Media Direct, Alexis K, Yokibug, The Pearl Hotel, and Ponce’s Mexican Restaurant.

Together we all got intense to help raise funds for 826LA while promoting creativity, intensity, and individuality! Stay tuned for some video of the performances! Thank you for continuing to get more intense every year and for following this blog. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

(ps purchase or download these pictures from the night  click here.)