April 11, 1954 – The Most Boring Day.

William Tunstall-Pedoe must have been bored out of his mind the day he began his research to figure out what the most boring day has been since 1900. How did he do it? Oh it was no biggie…he just used some algorithms and sorted through 300 million facts about ….basically everything.

Tunstall-Pedoe said:
“Nobody significant died that day, no major events apparently occurred and, although a typical day in the 20th century has many notable people being born, for some reason that day had only one who might make that claim – Abdullah Atalar, a Turkish academic.”

abdullah atalara boringUmmmmm W.T.P, you better watch your back…I am sure Abdullah Atalar’s parents aren’t too pumped about this claim. Best day of their liiiiiife!!!!!

I don’t think you are boring Abdullah. You’ve got lots going on under that Mona Lisa smile.