Did You Find Everything??

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(before I begin I will say that never in my life has my bag ever looked like this as I walked out of a grocery store). All those movies and commercials can stop pretending that strawberries and french bread stick out perfectly like that when one goes to the store. Seriously, they aren’t fooling anyone.


I was checking out at the grocery store the other day and the cashier turned to me and said, “Did you find everything you need?”

The comment baffled me.

Did I find everything I need?

Of course I did!! If I hadn’t I wouldn’t have already come up to the checkout to pay for everything I FOUND!

If I was still searching for more of what “I needed” I wouldn’t put all my groceries on the conveyor belt (a damn good invention) and proceed to eye the National Enquirers guiltily. It just would not be a good use of my time! Or hers for that matter! Waiting to ask me if I “found everything I needed” halfway through the act of scanning my groceries is not logical. She didn’t expect me to say no…she asked me just to fill the air. To fill the silence. Because that is just what people are used to hearing. I bet you a whole day will go by and she will ask that question 532 times and not one person will say, “Oh! Thank you for reminding me! Yes, I couldn’t find the corn starch. I need corn starch.”

If that did happen the cashier would stop everything and have to get on the loud speaker and say, “Corn starch to the front. Checkout 6.”

Actually, I don’t even know what she’d say. As I typed that it sounded wrong. It sounded wrong because it never happens! The only time it happens is when they need a manager to the front or someone to take Philadelphia cream cheese back because John Doe realized at the last minute he didn’t feel like making bagels with cream cheese anymore.

You see, if they did call out for the corn starch…the people behind the person asking for the corn starch would be pissed. They would give them the evil grocery store glance…the large breath (making sure the shoulders moved up) then probably an eye roll and then top it off with a sigh.

They would judge that corn starch person. They would judge their grocery skills.

Speaking of judging grocery store stuff..Courtney Wilkie called me the other day and told me that she judged someone at the grocery store for what they were buying. They were buying Pop Tarts and Fruit Roll ups. That’s it. She’s not a mean person but she admitted that she judged. And you know what…I have too.

A few months back I saw this….

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And I judged it.

Who the hell likes Symphony bars that much? I didn’t even know they even made Symphony bars anymore!!

I also think these items are worthy of some serious judging.

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Alright, off to the grocery store to pick up a few more items for dinner. Hopefully I find everything I need!!!!

Last note of the evening.
Frozen bananas rule.

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