Ardy’s Best Halloween Ever

This year Ardy represented during the Halloween festivities. It started in San Francisco:

Hew and Ardy right before the toss.

Perched on top of John as he takes in the view of San Fran.

Btw: Saskia dressed as the park Ardy is flying above in the picture. Yes, she was Dolores Park.

Here’s Ardy being sneaky with a combo of “suspect” products.

These products were part of my costume: A Woman from The King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania. (Also in Picture: Asia dressed as Sushi)

Halloween did not end there for Ardy. He was then carved…

…by Keris and Stephanie in San Diego at the pumpkin carving contest, which my landLORD John officially judged wearing a full judicial robe. So Intense.

After much deliberating, Conor won the contest because John is “partial to money.”

Then in a odd turn of events, I decided to dress as Ardy himself for actual Halloween. (Here is Ardy #1 and Ardy #2 with Greg dressed as Mr. Rogers himself.)

The pout was crucial to the costume.

Overall, Ardy had a very Intense Halloween.