Philadelphia Gets It

Statue across the street from city hall in Philly.



Clothespins are back, baby! My mom bought a bunch for Erin’s baby shower (only a few more weeks Jordan) and she had leftovers. So the day after the 4th of July…the 5th…Deirdre, Steph and I went to town with them and wrote words on each one. Then put them on our persons (YES…I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO USE THAT WORD TO DESCRIBE MYSELF – it’s so ridiculous) and then handed them out throughout the day, night, and the next day…and it’s only just begun. Clothespins are super cheap and they can be used for so much! They can tie a scarf together, hold your hair back, or make a nice accessory for your shirt with a front pocket.

Want some? Just ask. I’ll send you one.

There are so many uses!!!

They can remind you what kind of beer you are drinking….

They go great with the 405. (more on the 405 later…need to talk about it but cant right now)

Very helpful when making forts.

Kenneth was a huge fan. So was Denise and Tina at Yanni’s Bistro

, best restaurant ever.

There’s Something About Stephanie.


This one says Mr. Belvedere

. (duh)

Nice pocket protecter!

Go back to your Highlights

Days….Can you find it in the picture?

Makes a tie so much better!

Now to leave you witha youtube performance by Mr. Gregory Gibson. The only thing that would make this video better would be if his capo was a clothespin.

Good day.