G Rated

The other day I was on the phone with SDG&E having a discussion about their services. When I spelled out the name of the street my office is on…”G Street”…the woman on the other end of the line said, “G as in Good?” I responded, “No… G as in Great.” Her response, “Oh sorry.”
Yeah you better be.

G. It’s a solid letter.
It demands respect even when we decide to silence it.


So, for Greg’s birthday I had a birthday party for him at my place and the theme was G. It was simple…you had to dress as something that started with the letter G (or someone with the last name that starts with G.)

Here are some of the costumes.

Greg was Ali G. Ernesto was a Girl.

Greg’s parents were a Geek and a Gipsy, his brother Bryan was our first president.

I was gas prices.

Juan was Garbage and Andrea was a Geisha.

Duffy was a Garden and Conor was the Garden’s Gnome.

John was the Land”God”, Brian was a Ghostbuster, and Rick was a Golfer.

Sean and Nicole were Grandpa and a Grandma.

Here is Jake as a Gaucho, with the Garden, Gas Prices, the Gnome, and Adam as: Geoff.

Here’s the Girl with Sarah as Graffiti.

Jaime was a Girl Scout.

Ashley was Glitter.

There was even some Hula Hooping.

Brooke, the Gardener watered the Garden.

And then the Garden tried to compete with the real stuff.

Green Balloons…Thank you Heidi and Aaron!

Overall Great Times.