So, I got a very sweet thank you note in the mail. I want to say thank you for the thank you note…but what if I make mine even sweeter…then she will have to send me a thank you note to say thanks for sending me an even sweeter thank you note. And then what if what she says something in that thank you note that warrants a thank you from me…..AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

What if I just don’t send a thank you note back but then I see her face to face….. I guess what I normally would say is, “Thank you for the thank you note.” But I am just starting to realize it sounds weird. You see, what if I say, “Thank you for the thank you note.” And she responds, “You are welcome.” Then if I go one and say, “What you said at the end was so thoughtful.” She will have to say, “Thank you.” And then what if she pulls one out of the bag and says, “Well you deserve it” — or some shit like that. GULP. I know where this is going! I will then have to respond “No no…(and do the obligatory trail off into “humble no no” land — during this awkward “no no” time I will probably shake my head or even raise my hand or something lame to stop the praise….human beings are so weird.)” As my no’s fall off into space, she will catch onto this attempt to not accept a compliment and interrupt my no nos and go, “no no you do.” and THEN I will have to say, “well, thanks…”

Hey, by the way…thanks for reading, k?

ps Instead of “No No” I could have said “Oh Stop” and then I’d really hit the deep end of lameness.