The Most Intense Individual Right Now

There is no question in my mind that my landlord, John, is the most Intense Individual I encountered in 2005. John is so intense that he has surpassed any new Intense Individual in the running for 2006 II of the year.

Don’t worry, he has already signed a verbal contract to come to the next Intense Individual Party as himself.

A quick description of John:
– He has a To Do list that consists of 3,547 of things to do.
– It took him 10 years to write the To Do list.
– He says if he added up all the time he spends organizing his To Do list every week it would equal about 2 whole days.
– That’s the last package of Pop Rocks he will ever eat.

You see, if the story of John was a 7 course meal, the little bit of info above would be the bread and butter on the table.

There. Is. So. Much. More.

Sometime in the next 361 days, I plan on sitting down with John, borrowing his dictophone he wears on his belt, and interviewing him. He keeps telling me he wants me to make him a star by doing a documentary on his life. Alrighty then John, I hope you are ready for your close-up.

In other Intense news, I guess it’s safe to report that another one bites the dust.
bites the dust

As I was walking through Balboa Park on Sunday through the maze of tents in honor of Earth Day (yes, it was in-tents)…I saw the Scientology booth.

Oh No.

I watched the man with curly hair in the picture above stroll up to the tent and gaze into the eyes of the next Marshall Applewhite. Within seconds he was sitting on the chair facing “Marshall” and nodding in agreement.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time L. Ron Hubbard and Co. made their presence known in San Diego…back in ’89 they found out when the City of San Diego was going to redo the cement in Ocean Beach and pulled a fast one on the wet cement.
street OB

(Sidenote: If the year had read 1994 instead of 1989 it would have solidified everything I have ever thought of in my life.)

Why 1994? Well, you must read my brother Matt’s blog HERE.

Hopefully, it will all make sense after that.

Oh and just to let you know…across from the Scientology tent was Nothing.


If you have been a part of this movement supporting Nothing please let me know. If it’s Nothing important then don’t worry about telling me about it. But if it’s really Something then I’d like to know. (Unless it involves purple blankets and brand new Nike sneakers.)