Life Outside The Tub

ardy in flight

Many times in the past I have been asked what Ardy the rubber duck’s purpose in life is. You know…deep questions like…. “What is WITH the…Duck?

What is with duck? Easy. It’s obviously all about the VIP parking privileges!

OK, so it wasn’t ALL about the parking! It all started because of a “duck-umentary” I planned for Ardy to star in called “Life Outside The Tub” when I was traveling around Europe in 2004. But unfortunately my video camera was stolen on a train in Italy so I resorted to still shots.


I realized quickly Ardy was quite photogenic! He always seemed to nail the glamour shots, unlike me circa 1994.


Although I have enjoyed taking pictures of Ardy at landmarks and pit stops anywhere I travel…(here he is taking a dip in the Trevi Fountain in Rome)…
ardy in trevi

…it’s been even more enjoyable capturing moments with people holding Ardy. It’s weird how a rubber duck can simply bring out a childlike aura in people. For example, at the Florence train station I came across a grumpy train station employee who worked at the luggage storage area. I had some time to kill before my train left for Vienna and wanted to walk around the city one more time but I didn’t want to lug around my backpack. I saw the storage place at the station and decided to store the backpack while I ambled around the city for the day.

To pass the time standing in line to check my bag, I noticed how disgruntled the man was as he was checking all the bags. He seemed to be having a miserable day as he was cursing under his breath in Italian. As I got closer to the front of the line I decided to throw him for a loop and hand him Ardy instead of my bag.

It was a risk but I felt it was well worth it.

When my turn came to check my bag, he motioned me forward and I handed him Ardy leaving my bag on the ground. With Ardy in his hand, I watched his face turn from angry to confused to happy within four seconds. Suddenly he was talking to the duck as if nobody else was watching. He was smiling and trying to tell me something in Italian. Of course I didn’t understand what he was saying so an Italian woman standing behind me translated his words. She told me he was saying that the duck reminded him of bath time as a kid and how his father always gave him ducks for his birthday.

I was obsessed.

As the man continued gazing at Ardy, I took out my video camera and filmed the moment. For that man, it was as if nothing else mattered for 30 seconds. He was all about the duck. Unfortunately, that footage was in the camera when it was stolen nine hours later.

But that’s life and at least they didn’t steal Ardy, right?

I just hope that somewhere out there an some person is enjoying the footage as much as I enjoyed filming it.

So in light of Ardy’s birthday, I decided to post some shots of him with some Intense Individuals he has encountered over the past couple years. If you want more info on Ardy’s birth you can go read a previous post HERE.

The shots:

With a Czech Children’s Choir in Prague.

Spencer Little.

Marino and Ardy examining a car in Paris.

The kid who beat me in a peanut eating contest on an airplane.

Random People at a hat shop.

An older gentleman in Seville, Spain who wanted to hold Ardy.

Saskia and Wataru in Holland with Ardy.

Hew and Ardy focusing on the details.

Monsoud, an Israeli doctor, getting chauffeured around Rome with Ardy.

Anne, Brandelyn, and Brock Hillman with Ardy in Los Angeles.

Random happy dude.

Guac-Off against the Police and Fire Departments in San Diego.

Sarah …she loves White Castle.

JJ and Laura with Ardy, one of Hans Biwi Lechner’s stones, and the White Castle Mug.

A fun and crazy bunch of Individuals in San Francisco.

A group of individuals in Prague.

Geoff and Alison with Ardy….Where’s Waldo style.

Anne  and Laura with Ardy in Lafayette, Indiana.

The Burgesses.

Random dude holding Ardy up in the air at Northwestern.

And then another random dude holding Ardy at the rock.

Harold Greenbaum’s dog slobbering Ardy.

A curious child.

Identical twins.

Too hard to explain.

Uncle Doug and Aunt Carol in St. Catherines, Ontario. Aunt Carol used to teach break dancing.

Random man on a business trip in San Diego. He wanted a picture with Ardy to put up in his cubicle in New York. Right on.

Feeding time.

Daniel, thinking about mangos in Park City.

Soon to be the next Captain Morgan and poet, Jon Rolston.

Not gonna lie, this baby cried and cried when I took Ardy out of his hands. Tough moment.

Biker Dude in Milwaukee.

This guy trained California’s governor Ahhh-nold in karate.

Hans Biwi Lechner from Austria

, conversing with Ardy in Los Angeles.

A tough fight.

Stephanie modeling with Ardy.

Tourists love Ardy.

Yes, that is Darryl from Adventures in Babysitting holding Ardy.

One day I will own a vacation home in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic with these Individuals. You think I am kidding but I am not.

This is Cent, he is so money and he doesn’t even know it.

3K planting one on Ardy.

John Johansen and Ardy off for a little ride around Berkeley.
rubber ducky5.jpg

Well, that’s all for now! Now go high five everyone you see.