Lionel and Courtney – All night long?????


Call from Courtney last Saturday:

“Hey, Lis, I just wanted you to go check your email…I sent you a picture…I just got home from Dublin where I was hanging out with Lionel Ritchie.”

Hold on? What? The same Courtney Perkins who dressed as Tony Little’s doppelganger at Intense Individual Party #2?

Now her and Lionel are BFF! And they communicate via his bodygaurd’s email…all night long.

I love it when I see two intense individuals get together. Keep dancing on that ceiling, Cperk…

Oh by the way: it’s supposed to be a secret but she’s going to Nicole Ritchie’s wedding as his date. She’s ONCE, TWICE, THREE times his lady. See ya.

ps. in the picture of CP and LR: check out the background action…staring right at the camera. fantastic