Major League Outfielders vs. Marathoners

To most people there is a difference between Sammy Sosa and Hailu Negussie….

To others…there is not.

sammy sosa

Hailu Negussie

Yes, one is from the Dominican Republic and one is from Ethiopia but that is not what I am talking about. I am also aware that one of them won the 2005 Boston Marathon with a time of 2 hours 25 minutes and 13 seconds… and one of them did not…but that is also not what I am talking about. My point is that I think that everyone can concur that between the two men, there are many many differences…well….”everyone” except Nicole Clark.

The other night Nicole and I are playing softball and we are out in center field and left field respectively.

Nicole turns to me and yells: “Hey, Gina…Did you know that the average Major League Outfielder runs on average about 100,000 miles a year during the season just by running for fly balls and to and from the dugout?”

Me(aka: Gina to Nicole): “Really?”

Silence fills the outfield. 100,000 miles? I ponder that thought as I watch the batter drive a line drive to second. Hold on ….What? Did she say 100,000 MILES?!?! I kick the grass and shake my head in utter confusion. That stat did not make sense.

Me: “Um, Nicole…that sounds a bit high. Are you sure it’s 100,000?”

Nicole: (doing some quick math and looking up at the dark sky) “You know…now that I think about it…it was more like 100 miles a year.”

I break out into hysterics. 100 miles vs 100,000 BIG DIFFERENCE! A fly ball is popped into center field and I am on the ground laughing as I watch Nicole make a sweet catch. Nicole throws it into the rover and looks over at me to see me on the grass.

I yell to Nicole:”100,000 miles!?!?! Like almost 1000 miles a game!!!”

Nicole: “SHUT UP, GINA!!!!”

Nicole runs over and charges me. I quickly bolt away.

Me: “100,000!!! HAHAHAHA!”

Nicole (in a laughter fit as well) “I didn’t realize what I said! SHUT UP!!!”

Me: “Marathoners couldn’t run that much!”

Nicole and I cannot control ourselves as the inning continues. Laughter from the outfield fills the infield and nobody knows what is going on. I just personally couldn’t get out of my mind the thought of Hailu Negussie running around the outfield non-stop all year and still not hitting that 100,000 mile mark.

If you really think about it and do the legit math – one would find that with 162 regular season games…give or take a few playoff games…an outfielder would have to run about 600-700 miles a game to get to that level.

Good luck with that, Sammy.