Intense Individual Party Countdown

Hello! Lisa Comrie here….I am new to this whole world of blogging but I thought I should sign up because I wanted to create a website dedicated to intense individuals. Since a website costs a ton of money I thought I would go down this path until I’ve saved up enough.

For those of you who do now what an intense individual is — let me introduce to you Tony Little, the infamous infomercial gazelle selling weightlifter.

Basically, what it comes down to is that we are surrounded by intense individuals everyday. Most likely, you are one yourself. We all have at least a little bit of intensity and individuality….right?

So what is the Intense Individual Party? Let me explain. Basically it started as a very simple idea to celebrate Intense Individuals Worldwide. So far it’s continued to get more intense every year….

In the past there have been two other intense individual parties. We had the first one at the University of Michigan and the second one at Northwestern University. The first year some of the intense individuals that showed up were Ace Ventura, Richard Simmons, two Oompa Loompas, Jared the Subway guy, Martha Stewart (welcome home), Ross Perot, Marge Simpson, Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, Joan Rivers, John McEnroe and the number one intense individual of all time Tom the Genius….just to name a few.

The second year at Northwestern got even more intense and we actually had Jesus Christ show up. He sat down with Bea Arthur and after blessing the bundt cake she gave him as a late night munchie, they had deep and heartfelt conversation. As they were conversing about only God knows what, Tony Little pounded beer after beer on the gazelle he brought along to the party. While Tony was picking up the pace, Bob Ross (RIP), our beloved 80’s happy trees painter, relaxed in the corner as he joyfully painted a 10′ x 6′ canvas for six hours straight. Wayne and Garth were there with backstage passes, along with the Osbournes, Cher, Mary Poppins, Frida Kahlo, and Anna Nicole Smith. Later the Blue Man Group showed up followed by the Pulp Fiction cast. Thankfully, Bobby Knight only broke 4 chairs that night and only beat up one of the Royal Tennenbaums. Nancy Kerrigan and Tanya Harding topped off the night with a nice big brawl. (side note: has anyone SEEN Tanya lately? NERVOUS) Oh and don’t worry, He-man and She-ra were there, too. Overall, it got crazy that night.

So, now that this blog exists it will be a way to document the intense individuals in this world and even more importantly start the count down to Intense Individual Party # 3. (It will be happening sometime in May/June 2005, I promise. I also have so many freakin’ pictures of my rubber duck and his travels and I feel that I need to do something with them so I thought that posting them here would be a good place to start.

Intense Individual of the day: