Melbourne, I Love You.

melbourne coffee

Last year I traveled to Melbourne for a video shoot and fell in love with the city. A few weeks ago I went back again for work and fell in love even more. It’s an incredible city with so much life! I had one day off after the shoot to pack in some sightseeing and some serious coffee consumption.

If there was one word that defined Melbourne I think it would be “cafes.” They love their cafes and coffee is consumed all day long.

melbourne coffee

The first day I got there I met two fabulous ladies, Laura and Tresna, who happened to work for Yelp and they gave me all the tips on where to go in the city. They also invited me to a Yelp Event at the Hare and Grace that they were throwing for their Elite Yelpers. Quality Individuals all around! One of the places they told me to go was Market Lane Coffee… and it did not disappoint! Best coffee ever. The staff was super friendly and they also sell the best jam in the world (right behind my Grandma’s of course!)

market lane coffee melbourne
Coffee Market Lane I stayed at  the Cullen Hotel…a really cool hotel with unique art everywhere and right smack in the middle of Prahan. Love the way they do the signs there!

the cullen hotel Across the street from the hotel was Prahan Market. I am obsessed with this market. Here is Damien the mushroom man…top notch guy…who really knows his truffles.

Damien the Mushroom Man Prahan MarketThere was just so much color everywhere and everything was so fresh.
Prahan MarketOn my way to the Woods of Windsor, a fantastic restaurant, I stumbled upon a really cool bar called Borsch Vodka and Tears. Very Polish bar with more vodka combination drinks than anyone could imagine.
Borsch Vodka and Tears

It was a quick 3 day trip full of lots of filming, good people, and some fantastic coffee! I want to go back…