Awesome Graphics!! So So Awesome.

I am still speechless over these mouse pads I saw this evening. Brought to you by the people at Awesome Graphics.  I was searching on Amazon for mouse pads (which is a secret past time of mine that I rarely talk about) and I found this mouse pad called I Love Fun.

LOOK AT THE AWESOME GRAPHICS! For only 11.99 (plus shipping and handling, duh!) you can have life altering graphics at your fingertips. Awesomeness to the MAX! Every day YOU can be reminded that top tier graphic design excellence is out there…Reminding you to strive to reach the artistic level that the people at Awesome Graphics have obviously reached with their use of Comic Sans.

Below are a couple other mind blowing mouse pads they sell. But remember to brace yourself for the awesome graphics.

Mouse Pad: AUGUST (for all those who were born in August!)

Mouse Pad: PINK (for all those who love pink!!!!!!!)

These are hot items, folks. Get them while they’re still awesome and affordable.