What is up with Greek yogurt?


Have you noticed that there is an insane Greek Yogurt craze lately? Not gonna lie, I’m into it big time but so is EVERYONE. They even gave Greek yogurt it’s own area at my Trader Joes. The “other” yogurt hangs next to the eggs while all the Greeks hang in their own fridge area. Move over gluten, probiotics just kicked your name dropping ass.

For awhile, Fage was my Greek yogurt of choice. My mom has been trying to get me into the Kirkland brand but I prefer Fage over Kirkland. But there is a new game in town and he goes by the name Chobani. Say it out loud…Cho-BAN-ee. Ahhhh! What a name! It just demands respect and some serious attitude when saying it. I feel like the cast of Goodfellas could have substituted all their names for Chobani. DeNiro to Pesci: “YO-CHOBANI!”

chobaniChobani dominates Fage and Kirkland (sorry Mom) and the only problem is everyone knows it. The 0% plain Chobani is ALWAYS out at the store. Seriously, I have bought it once…that was the first and last time I tasted it. What a tease! Time to buy stock in Chobani?? I think so! So until the supply catches up with the demand I will stick to Fage…

Are you on the bacteria bandwagon, too?