Thanks, Steve.

My first memory of an Apple Computer was sitting in the library of my elementary school. I remember the rainbow apple on the beige box and I remember this screen….

I also searched for Carmen San Diego on that screen. I was fascinated and so were my classmates who lined up to touch the keyboard. Now, over twenty years later, that same Apple logo goes with me everywhere. It allows me to search for more things than just Carmen San Diego, keeps me in touch with loved ones, and helps me create. Steve Jobs was a true genius. He did not just get technology, he got people. He knew what people wanted even before they knew what they wanted. I actually believed he cured back pain, too. Yes, that might sound like a bit of a stretch but this guy would agree.

He made that boom box fit into that guy’s pocket with more song choices than a two-sided cassette.

This is a day I will not forget. Steve Jobs changed lives and will be forever missed. My heart goes out to his family.  Thank you Steve Jobs for making us all…think differently.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011