Rubber Duck Saves A Woman’s Life

This is an amazing story! Shirley Madsen, a 90 year-old woman was stuck inside her bathtub for three days. The only thing that saved her was a rubber duck that she drank water out of. READ THIS STORY

This past weekend was Anne and Tom’s wedding in Milwaukee. What a fantastic wedding and wonderful couple. Here they are with Ardy (the rubber duck who has not saved any lives yet but would sure love to).

Milwaukee is a very interesting city…especially the airport. Greg and I saw two things at the airport that were extremely confusing.

1) The “Recombobulation Area.” You know…the area where you put your coins back in your wallet, your belts back on, stuff that plastic bag of 3oz cosmetics back in your bag, and put your shoes back on your now filthy feet.

2) “The Casual Traveler” sign. Have you ever seen the “Traveler” signs at airport security? The “Professional Traveler” signs have an image on them of a guy in a suit and tie with a briefcase….because only people who wear a suit and carry a briefcase know how to travel. The other sign is that of the “Casual Traveler” which is usually an image of a guy wearing a baseball hat. Because guys who wear baseball hats don’t know how to travel. But in Milwaukee the “Casual Traveler” is riding a motorcycle!!!!! I guess by “Casual” they mean stupid. Stupid “Casual Traveler” who thinks they will get through security on their motorcycle. “I swear, Sir, it will fit in the overhead compartment!”

I can just hear the Airport Security now as the CT cruises up to security on his sweet ride…”OMG…look at that Casual Traveler riding up in the motorcycle. He is so Casual.”

Side Note: people need to stop letting dogs sit on their laps when they are driving so that the dog can poke his head out the window. It is completely ridiculous and dangerous. If you think you are giving the dog a chance to feel what it is like drive the roads….you are sadly mistaken. They don’t give a damn other than getting some fresh air. Another option…roll your passenger window down, plop them down on the seat, and let them pretend they are driving in the UK. I may have to make a Citizen’s Arrest if you don’t stop doing this.