They REALLY Went There

I was on a run the other night and I turned the corner to go down a different street then usual and BAM. There was this house.

From boo

Seriously, some people REALLY go there. I wanted to go knock on their door and just say, “Happy Halloween?”

I wonder if they go there at Christmas, too? Needless to say, I can’t wait to find out.

On that note, I just googled Christmas lights. Have you ever thought about how Intense the whole Christmas light thing really is?

From boo

I can just see the dialogue between the couple who put these up (Let’s call them Julio and Tara).

Tara (running out of the house holding a string of lights in her hand): “Honey, I just found another light string in the attic.”
Julio (staring at the house): “No…I think that’s enough.”
Tara: “What do you mean? We have one more strip.”
Julio: “There isn’t any more room.”
Tara: “Any more room?”
Julio: “It’s perfect how it is. If we put up any more it will be too much.”

From boo

On that note: Best wishes and Happy Halloween!

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