Today’s Word

Today’s word on was — TATTOO. Hold on let me go write that down so I don’t forget what that means. Are they serious???? (FYI: I will admit that I corrected my spelling error — thank you Jake. When I went to correct it to add the extra T…it made me realize I really really dislike like the way tattoo is spelled. just throwing that out there.)

Tomorrow’s word: t-shirt.

Welcome to the 4th grade.

Ugh. Speaking of 4th grade…that reminds me…Ms. Stein. The woman who practically ruined my drawing skills forever.

Can you name off all your Elementary School teachers? For some reason they have all stuck with me.
K – Mrs. Hosaka. Still feel guilty about lying to her about the bran flakes.
1st – It was complicated. We had about 7 teachers and then finally smoothed out with Mrs. Oberle. She loved teddy bears.
2nd – Miss Posterick. I could never spell her name. Still can’t.
3rd – Mr. Wilcox. Loved to make us SPRINT from our line up in the morning to class. And then ask me why my blonde hair was green. Chlorine, k?
4th – Ms. Stein. I still hold a grudge.
6th – REPEAT of 5th. The teacher…not myself. I didn’t fail a grade.

Why do we have these teachers engrained in our heads??? Or maybe you don’t ….and it’s just me.

Now I’d like to say I am sorry Ms. Hosaka.