Luckily the Walt Disney company released a statement saying, “whatever happens to the former planet, Pluto remains Disney’s dog star.”

Good. To. Know.

The person who should be the most dissapointed is Venetia Burney. At eleven years old she NAMED Pluto.

She’s now Venetia Phair (sweet Ph), lives in England, and is eighty-seven years old.

By the way just for the record I hope you all know that there was NO nepotism involved with Venetia getting the chance to name the planet at the tender age of eleven. (I mean Tori Spelling got the role of Donna through her audition.)

I just think Venetia knew what she wanted and asked for it. Sort of like the Willy Wonka kids.

“Grandpa Joe get out of bed. I want to name a f*cking planet.”
grandpa joe

Or maybe it was more like, “I want to name a planet NOW, DADDY!”

However it happend, it happened. All I know is that I would have loved to witness the aftermath of the big name drop. Telegrams were probably flying to every relative and Venetia became the most popular kid at Sunday school for two weeks.

I actually feel bad For Venetia Phair today. It must be a tough day for her. I can see her on the phone to the International Astronomical Union in Prague right now, “HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?! IT’S JUST NOT PHAIR!”

Sorry V. Ph. I pheel phor you.

Speaking of space, I just found my brother Brian owns 2 acres (or more) of the Moon.

Supposedly he’s owned it for awhile…subtly.

Just when you think you really know somebody…they pull out the 2 acre card.