My little sister Jill (pictured below) LOVES pigs.

And by “loves pigs” I mean she actually HATES them.

You see in my family, when you hate something that much, we never let you forget it. So back in 2002 when we found out March 1st was National Pig Day…we turned it into Jill’s day.

One year I thought I’d surprise her and had some of my friends send her cards from college, wishing her a very happy pig day. At the time Jill was in 7th grade and got about thirty cards in the mail, all sent by many people she had never met.

That’s when March 1st started getting crazy for her.

Whenever Jill calls me up to invite me over for dinner because she’s “cooking up a storm” I always know that dinner will be consisting of HOT DOGS.

Yo, Jilly, we get the hint my dear…YOU HATE PIGS, k? You need to realize that the more you rub it in our faces by cooking hot dogs, the more we’re gonna razz you on March 1st. Choose your battles.
hot dog jill

Anyway, in light of NPD I will pass on some pig trivia for you all to ponder.
— The world pig population is approximately 857,099,000.
— Ben and Jerry feed their left over ice cream to pigs in Vermont. The pigs will devour every flavor except for Mint Oreo.
— Pigs only sleep on their right side.

Well, I am off to bed. Good night and I hope you all had a wonderful National Pig Day.

ps If I hear one more “Good Night, and Good Luck” pun in regards to the Oscars I am going to lose it.

pps George Clooney has a pet pig named Max.