Google Voice – You Make No Sense


Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE GOOGLE. I even dressed up like it for Halloween…

I seriously do not understand how it’s possible to even have an email address that ends in anything but But this Google Voice is seriously causing me some problems. I signed up today…felt super cool for about 4.5 hours until I realized nobody could leave me messages. The kicker is that they thought they were leaving me VOICE messages but in fact it was only being transcribed into some sort of gibberish beyond gibberish. Since I signed up, I have not been able to get the actual VOICEmail. I only get a transcription. This is becoming problematic and needs to rectified right away.

googleBut before I delve into the wonders of my settings on Gmail…I will leave you with this beautifully constructed message* from Greg to me.


Hey Honey, It’s me. I am just calling to let you know that. Actually, we do not have We don’t have program as I took Adam are full, tank on birthday, so I can come back and pick up the and you can. Creek, I can go exchange. A. Robertson, or if you’re planning on picking before I got there. Just want to do that too baby. Just, and then the Oakland give you a new and then cheaper that way.

Ummmm? I don’t comprehend!!

*I will personally send you a parcel that includes a DVD of Dolores Claiborne and a can of Altoids (brand new!) if you can tell me what he actually said in the voicemail. (I must admit the DVD is slightly used but it’s a surprisingly well shot movie and it’s time I pass it along. Plus, it was the first DVD that jumped out at me in our collection and seemed to scream “I don’t belong here” next to Donnie Darko and The Devil and Daniel Johnston.)