How Much Is Too Much?

I often wonder…at what point does it occur to the “mover” that no more can fit?

I am dumbfounded when I see this on the road.

Stack-o-holics. These individuals just stack, stack, stack until the moment where they stop the stacking and contemplate.

Here is a series of steps that happen when an Individual (let’s call him George) tries to “fit it all” in his truck.

Step 1) After tying the last bungee chord, George takes a step back to admire his “mass”terpiece.
Step 2) He quits the admiring and gets on to the assessing. George poses the question to himself, “Will…It…Hold?”
Step 3) More questions run through his mind. “Is that chair too far out? “Can I squeeze in one more chair and fit the 6th chair for my 6 person table? Uhhh…Not gonna happen.”
Step 4) George tilts his head from side to side as if this will help him balance the load.
Step 5) He asks himself the question of the moment once again, “Will…It…Hold?”
Step 6) He turns around to see if any neighbors are judging his work of art. He sees his neighbor Frank.
Step 7) George “‘sup nods” Frank. Frank shakes his head and thinks to himself, “Would it be that hard to rent a U-Haul?”
Step 8) George sees Frank shaking his head and curses at him in his mind as he smiles it off. He knows that Frank is wondering why he didn’t just get a U-Haul.
Step 9) George turns around, still pissed at Frank and starts blaming “these times we are in” for not getting a U-Haul.
Step 10) He steps up to the truck, pulls on the bungee chord one last time, takes a deep breath, and one last look at his house.
Step 11) George jumps in the truck and turns the ignition. He pulls out slowly and carefully but then guns it past Frank who is still judging him. As the the truck speeds off, one chair falls off the back and onto the street.

George doesn’t notice that his table will now only seat four and that Frank just scored a brand new chair.