My name is Lisa Comrie Gibson, I’m a mom, wife, producer/writer/director, hater of sesame seeds, who loves people and finding intensity everywhere. I started Intense Individuals to celebrate what makes all of us unique. profileI love finding the story in a person. What drives people to be who they are or their secret or not so secret obsession. For example what makes a person wear all green every day? Or why someone would decide to pursue a career in being Santa!?!

To celebrate the intensity we host a party called The Intense Individual Party that has been described as Halloween on Steroids. The only rule, come dressed up like an Intense Individual and stay in character all night. This party has turned into a charity event that brings out some amazing creativity and hilarity. For example, it’s not out of the ordinary to find Bob Ross painting an 8 foot canvas or Aunt Jemima flipping pancakes. The costumes and dedication to each character is so incredible, I’m always blown away with everyone’s creativity. I truly give the credit to each person who has been a part of The Intense Individual Party throughout the years and thank everyone for their pure Intensity! In 2017 we will be embarking on party #9 so stay tuned on the date.

And here is a true ii Legend….Tony Little.

tony little!