The Party

The Rules for The Party:
1) Dress like an Intense Individual.
2) Have the time of your life.
3) Celebrate creativity and INTENSITY!
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Every year we host a party that celebrates Intensity, Individuality, & Creativity. Everyone comes to the party dressed up like an Intense Individual! It’s pretty much the only party where you’ll find Sharbat Gula and the members of KISS rocking out inside a National Geographic frame while Tony Little works out on the Gazelle. Yes, a Gazelle has been brought to the party, TWICE. We love Tony Little! We think he’s the #1 Intense Individual of all time. If you’d like to find out more about this year’s Intense Individual Party, please CONTACT US HERE!

Injoy Presents will be jammin’ the tunes, pictures will be taken by Tommy B from Outside the Booth, prizes will be won, and delicious food will be served by Inslider Food Truck. Get ready for lots of dancing and intensity! The cover is $20 at the door. Proceeds benefit ARTS, A Reason to Survive.

History of the Party:

The Intense Individual Party #1 – Ann Arbor, Michigan. Highlight: The entire Michigan wrestling team showed up in a limo while Richard Simmons taught aerobics in the front lawn to Ace Ventura, Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, and Marge Simpson.

The Intense Individual Party #2 – Evanston, IL Highlight: Bob Ross painted a beautiful painting in the corner as Bea Arthur and Jesus Christ broke bundt cake and had a late night chat.

The Intense Individual Party #3 – San Diego, CA Highlight: Two Art Cars from Berkeley showed up and parked outside. As everyone from Aunt Jemima, Michael Jackson, The Blue Man Group, Mother Teresa, ran out front to look at the cars, Teen Wolf got up performed his signature act.

The Intense Individual Party #4 – Bernie, from Weekend At Bernie’s, somehow managed to remain dead as Intense rock legends… Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Billy Gibbons, and KISS rocked out around him. Oh yeah and The Extreme Supremes showed up in a limo, with body guards and performed 3 choreographed dances. Tina Turner also made a surprise appearance.

The Intense Individual Party #5Highlight: Lieutenant Dan and Stephan Hawking battling it out on the dance floor in a wheelchair dance-off.

The Intense Individual Party #6Highlight: Colonel Sanders handing out fried chicken, while the Beatles played a few songs, and the Polygamist Wives watched it all in disdain.

The Intense Individual Party #7Highlight: A whole deck of cards showed up. Yes, jokers and all. Stev Martin hosted, Tom Cruise jumped on the yellow couch, and The Beastie Boys, Freddie Mercury, The Rolling Stones brought the house down.

The Intense Individual Party #8 Winners – Macho Man Randy Savage and The Ultimate Warrior.
More pics coming soon!