Ardy was born in San Francisco, CA on a crisp Sunday morning in April of 2004. Instead of bringing him home to the porcelin walls of the tub that most rubber ducks stare at for their lives, he plunged into the waters of the San Francisco Bay in near freezing conditions. With a video camera in hand, my friend Saskia and I tried to get the perfect upright shot of him floating along the bay. But what we found out that day was that Ardy did not like to float upright. So we spent the next hour trying everything we could to weigh him down. Coins, floss, a dog ball thrower…nothing worked.


The only other option was to emerge into the bay and hold Ardy just above the water…and hopefully not be seen beneath him. Well, needless to say, that didn’t work either.

Lisa and Ardysanfran

So just as we were about to give up we placed him on the water one last time and it happened. He floated (sort of) upright…on his own. OK so he still had about $1.45 worth of coins in him.
Lisa and Ardy 5

This was the day that Ardy’s Life Outside The Tub began. Since then he has been swarmed by birds, attacked by swans, poked at by roosters, and lost only twice.


Flight is one of his Fort├ęs!

ardy flight

Throughout Ardy’s Life Outside The Tub he has become a big fan music. Especially the music of street performers and the Czech Philharmonic Children’s Choir.


Ardy is also a huge fan of Halloween.


One of this favorite things is studying ancient history.


Here he is at Salvation Mountain, one of the most Intense places ever and with Courtney in Scotland, right when we found him after he was lost in the bushes for 30 devastating minutes.


Here he is relaxing next to some graffiti in London…with Hans in Palm Springs…..taking in the view in Idylwild, CA….getting weird in Lombard, IL….saying oh hi, Mark….and creeped out with a bizarre man in Mexico.


With Glen Hansard and Marketa Irgolva from The Swell Season….Hiding in the trees in California…. Chillin’ by the Salton Sea…and hanging out with exotic fruit on a Sunday morning.


About to indulge in some San Diego beer…. getting pricked by a cactus in Tucson…. getting a whipped cream bath at Caribou Coffee….and on a hike in Aspen.


Ardy also loves weddings.

weddings one

weddings two

Stay tuned for Ardy’s next adventure!