Walking Down The (Grocery) Aisle

Dec 15

This was by far the most Intense wedding I have ever witnessed. Cookie Fields, the manager at the local Albertson’s married the love of her life, Jeff Howard — in Albertsons. The “Wedding March” could be heard on the PA system as one of the regular customers walked Cookie down aisle 10 toward her husband-to-be.

wedding cookie one

It was a true celebration that packed the grocery store. Everyone in the store crowded around the pineapples and oranges to watch Cookie and Jeff say their wedding vows.

wedding cookie albertsons

Generously, Albertson’s provided the cake and tape recorded the wedding on their 24 hour surveillance cameras.

  • emily farr

    I always suspected that Mrs. Fields’ first name would be Cookie! Congratulations to the lovely bride and lucky groom!

  • Cookie

    And we’re still married right today I think we’re going to have our 10 year anniversary in a different grocery store

  • Lorena Joy

    That is wonderful! I remember your smiling face all the time. I’m good friends with Allen and Alfonso, which always loved to come in and say hi as well!

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